Helping communities and enhancing lives through music.

Not-for-profit, we are a small group of passionate volunteers with a common purpose: to support and empower amateur musicians to produce music that enhances lives.


MAST is a community of volunteers that began in Australia, with a shared love for music and helping others. With a small but dedicated group of members around the world, we help bring amateur musicians together, allowing them to use their creativity to raise funds that contribute to the greater good through a variety of charitable programs.


We provide the creative & technical support to connect local musicians across global borders. Allowing them to turn their individual talents into high-quality music and video productions. We then share their music with users through a privately-accessible MAST music platform.


We love music and know it can help achieve wonderful things. As a group of volunteers, every dollar we generate goes directly to help fund a range of charitable projects around the world, building more sustainable and resilient communities and supporting those in need. You can view a small selection of what we have helped to contribute to here:


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